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How do I get changes made to my BnBTN website listings ? is the association's official website.   Each inn is in control of its own page on our web site.  If there are any problems making changes to your site or you see the need for changes in other areas of our site, let us know either with a call or email. 

What are the differences between and other directories?  As  an association, we are also listed on many other B&B directories such as  We are constantly checking such directories to be sure we have the information correct.  Each inn must decide on its own whether or not to participate in these directories. 

Is there an association membership directory?  Yes.  It is on our web site for downloading at any time free of charge.  We keep our directory current, so when potential guests need a copy, send them to our site.

What are the BnBTN Quality Standards? Our Quality Assurance Standards Inspection Program provides assurance to our guests that each inn operates at a very high standard.  Members are reviewed biennially and must pass with "flying colors"!  A summary of the program is available here on our web site.

How do I know when my inn will be inspected?  The Quality Assurance Review schedule is developed and announced by the committee.  Inns will receive notification several weeks in advance from the Quality Assurance Review team to confirm a specific day and time of their inspection. 

How does the Quality Assurance inspection program work? The purpose of the BnBTN Quality Assurance Standards Review is to ensure Tennessee bed and breakfast guests a consistently comfortable, quality experience when visiting any member inn. The Quality Assurance Standards Review is structured to help participating inns meet the needs and expectations of guests, provide a comfortable and secure environment, and assure a consistent quality standard B&B guests can rely on when choosing a bed and breakfast in the State of Tennessee. The Quality Assurance Standards Review is mandatory for all members of the Bed & Breakfast Association of Tennessee.

Inspections are performed on new member properties prior to membership approval, and every two years for member properties. Inspectors are third party professionals in the hospitality industry and are trained in accordance with these guidelines by the Quality Assurance Program Review Chairperson and/or the our Executive Director. The inspector is responsible to the BnBTN Board as a whole and not to any one person or member. It is the responsibility of the Board to pass or fail any member property based on the objective and unbiased summary prepared by the inspector.

All inns must be inspected at least once yearly by their local health department regardless of size, and remain in good standing, adhering to all local and state health, building and zoning codes and regulations. The Health Department certificate number, date and score must be submitted to the BnBTn office by new members.

Local and state Health Code and Building Regulations supersede any and all of the following criteria. Some historical Properties may be exempt from certain criteria based on local ordinances. Check with your local officials and be prepared to show proof of exemption to inspector. 

Why do I get guests' comment cards?  At least five (5) cards from guests each year must be received as part of the Quality Assurance Program.  These cards are furnished to each member by HQ.  

As a small inn in Tennessee, do I need a health inspection? We understand that Health Department Inspections are not required in the state for inns that have three rooms or less. We have feedback from some inns that some health departments are hesitant to schedule or are refusing to inspect the smaller inns, mostly because of lack of time. BnBTN is working on a way to solicit County or City Health Inspectors to support us in the inspection of all inns for the comfort and safety of our guests, no matter what size the inn. As we work out a solution, we ask your support in working with the authorities to establish this goal. Even though the current Guidelines require the inspection, we are honoring “pass” scores on small inns (three rooms or less) without Certificates because the situation may not be in your control.

Why does BnBTN require that I carry commercial liability insurance?
A question that we are often asked in the office is why does BnBTN require that its members carry commercial insurance. We realize that many of our member inns are very small properties with only two or three rented rooms in what may have formerly been their home. With the limited income potential, commercial insurance may seem like an unnecessary burden on an already stretched too thin budget.

Quite simply, commercial liability is the only way to protect your guests in the event of an accident, and the only for BnBtn to protect itself against your possible negligence.

Home-owners policies carry an exclusionary clause against any “business” that you conduct in your home. Should a guest be injured while at your B&B, the liability insurance associated with your homeowners insurance will not cover them. Even any additional “umbrella policy” that you may carry for additional liability coverage will not cover a business. Should your B&B be protected by a corporate structure, the guest may not even be able to sue or be reimbursed by you personally.

So what is BnBTN’s interest in this? The association's members are inspected and approved so that guests may travel with the confidence of knowing the bed and breakfast inn chosen is a quality one.  Through our Quality Assurance program and the marketing of it, we are essentially providing the public with an endorsement of your property. We are saying that you are a properly licensed business in the state of Tennessee and uphold high standards and look out for the best interests of the guests who stay with you.

How does the BnBTN Gift Certificate program work and how do I sign up?  BnBTN sells gift certificates which can be used at participating BnBTN properties throughout the state.

Participation is voluntary you must sign and return the enclosed form. Participating inns are noted in the membership directory and on the website.

  • Gift certificates are be sold in $25 increments. A $15.00 handling fee is added to cover the costs of credit card processing and priority shipping each order.
  • Certificates  clearly state ‘no cash back” and "no cash value."
  • The guest will present the certificate to the innkeeper in place of cash.
  • The innkeeper will then submit the certificates to the BnBTN office for reimbursement less a 10% commission.

Why should member inns participate in this program?

  • BnBTN will market this program heavily throughout the year via press releases statewide, the internet site and directory.
  • It will expand your base of potential guests as recipients will have an excuse to explore areas of the state which maybe new to them.
  • Yes, there is a 10% commission, but because the certificates are used as cash, innkeepers don’t have to worry about credit card fees in addition to it.
  • The handling fees as well as the 10% commission will cover the costs of association administering the program.

Who are the BnBTN Board members?
The current BnBTN Board information can be found on our site.

When is the next BnBTN meeting that I can attend?
We try to meet quarterly in different regions of the State.  We'll publish news of these meetings, of the Annual Membership Meeting, and the Tennessee Tourism Roundtable, also known as the Governor's Tourism Council.

What services does BnBTN provide to Aspiring Innkeepers?
The BnBTN can provide many services to the aspiring innkeeper. Our start-up kit, available for purchase here, contains laws, codes, resources, etc. pertinent to operating a bed and breakfast in the state of Tennessee. In addition we can provide resources in the form of vendors, books, inns for sale, and contact information.

Who are the Associate Members? How can they help me?
Rather than inn owners and innkeepers, Associate Members are individuals or companies that show their support of BnBTN through membership. These dues paying members are entitled to all the privileges of the Association and receive all copies of newsletters and general correspondence. . We ask that members consider their Associate Members first in making any purchasing decisions. Our list of Associate Members is on our site.

BnBTN Members receive a $25 discount on their PAII membership. How do I take advantage?
Call or email the BnBTN office and request your discount coupon. You must be a member in good standing to take advantage of this benefit.

How do I reach the BnBTN office?


1200 Paint Rock Rd, Kingston, TN 37763


Bed and Breakfast Association of Tennessee - 1200 Paint Rock Rd, Kingston, TN 37763 -