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The BnBTN Annual Meeting was held at The Mayor's Mansion Inn, Chattanooga, TN on Sunday, September 11, 2016.

Three new prospective innkeepers were present - Pam & Abe Pallas, and Dinah Vire. The board welcomed them, wished them much success, and offered any information and assistance they required.

The nominating committee, chaired by Mike Kopec (16) nominated the following:

For the board:

  Mark Ladd(16)

Mark Ladd agreed to serve and the membership accepted the nomination.

For Officers:

  President - Bob Price(18)

  Vice President - John Luther(18)

  Treasurer - Jean Cowell(18)

  Secretary - Mark Ladd(19)

All four nominees agreed to another term on the board and the membership accepted the nominations.




The location of the January 2017 board meeting will be decided in the first meeting of the 2017 board on Monday morning, September 12th.

Having no further business the meeting was adjourned for refreshments before a gloriously wonderful dinner prepared and presented by Cindi Ladd.


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