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The Q3 2017 BnBTN board meeting was held Sunday evening, September 10th, at The Monteagle Inn in Monteagle, TN.

The board voted to approve the proposed By Laws that were emailed to BnBTN members on August 18th. The amended By Laws are posted on the BnBTN website.

Jim Harmon and Mike Kopec's terms on the board expired at the close of the meeting. The nominating committee, chaired by Jean Cowell (18) and John Luther (18) nominated the following to new three year terms expiring in 2020:

For the board:

  Jim Harmon (17)

  Mike Kopec (17) 

Both Jim and Mike accepted the nominations and were approved by the board. There were no other candidates for board membership.

For Officers:

  President - Bob Price(18)

  Vice President - John Luther(18)

  Treasurer - Jean Cowell(18)

  Secretary - Mark Ladd(19)

All four nominees agreed to another term on the board and the membership accepted the nominations.



The BnBTN Annual Meeting was held at The Monteagle Inn, Monteagle, TN on Monday, September 11, 2017. 

Following the board's first meeting of 2017/2018 Rob Fulton, CEO of AIHP, presented ideas for a co-membership coalition between BnBTN and AIHP.

In attendance from BnBTN for both meetings were Bob and Shirley Price, John and Anita Luther, Jim Harmon, and Mike Kopec. Non-BnBTN members in attendance were Rob Fulton, CEO of AIHP. 

The location of the January 28/29, 2018 board meeting will be held at The Foxtrot Inn. Gatlinburg. The remaining meetings for 2018 will beposted once the dates and locations have been confirmed.

Having no further business the meeting was adjourned.


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